1. Input data

  1. Open EvalC3 version of Excel
    1. This will open at the Get Started worksheet. Read this firstGet started worksheet image
    2. Pay attention to the Checklist on the right side
    3. Click on Start – Input Data, which will take you to the Input Data worksheet. Clue: Don’t use the Worksheet tabs at the bottom to progress forward with the analysis. Use the blue sequence of tabs at the top. But you can use the bottom tabs to go back, without altering the current analysis process
  2. Import data into Excel
    1. Cut and paste the relevant rows and columns  of your data into the Input Data  worksheet, which should be the first worksheet to open
      1. Make sure you have included the column header names
      2. Clue: If you want to edit your data by adding extra columns or rows, either do it now, or even before you cut and paste the data here
  3. Here is an example of a data set that has been cut and pastedInput data worksheet image
  4. Click on Select Data button, which will take you to the Select Data worksheet

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