Short introductory videos

2019 03 04: Here are three videos of presentations I made about predictive modeling and EvalC3 at the SOLEP Big Data Analytics and Evaluation conference in Luxembourg in March 2019

Workshop 1 part 1 Background -Machine learning, predictive & explanatory models, types of causality, modeling software

Workshop 1 part 2 EvalC3 Excel app – Walkthrough & prediction modeling issues

Workshop 1 part 3 Example uses – Identify poor households, evaluating partnerships, finding positive deviants, re-analysis of evaluation data, other possibilities

2018 04 05: This video is a little out of date. Some new features have since been added at different stages of the workflow. I hope to have a new version of this video produced by the end of this month. Until then, don’t expect everything you see in the video to fit what you see within the EvalC3 app itself

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