Latest news re bugs and new features

2018 03 11: Bugs have appeared when I have worked with a data set that has 597 cases and 35 attributes. Sometimes the transition from Select Data to Design and Evaluate fails and an error message shows up. Also, the generation a Decision Tree can take up to 5 minutes. When the transition fails, I have got around this by clearing out the data set in Input Data, saving the file, closing down other programs, then re-entering the data.

2018 03 09: When a Decision Tree is generated it is now possible to see a string of summary measures describing the overall performance of the Decision Tree, just above the tree itself. The performance measure on the left is the one chosen when the Decision Tree algorithm is chosenScreenshot (133)

2018 02 16 Be careful when you enter data from a file where the cell values may have hidden spaces before or after them. This will stop the Design and Evaluate worksheet from working. Do a search a and replace for blank spaces, before uploading the data set

2017 10 30 EvalC3 now works on Macs and PCs. But having no direct experience of using it with Macs, there may be bugs yet to be discovered when using Macs




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