Latest news re bugs and their workarounds


2017 10 05 EvalC3 was designed to work in a Windows environment. But some people have asked if it will work on a Mac. The short answer seems to be no, bugs pop up right left and centre. But right now I have someone working on trying to sort these out so that EvaC3 will work on a Mac. I will provide an update here when we have made good progress. If you are a Mac user and want to be notified when a Mac-compatible version is available email me at

2017 09 15 NOW RESOLVED 2017 09 09:  In the Select Data view you have the option of changing the column that will be used as the Outcome measure. By default, it is the right most column. However, if you change another column to Outcome and change the default column to Ignore or Attribute, and then click to proceed to Design and Evaluate you may get an error message like the one below, which stops you from proceeding:

Screenshot 2017-09-09 12.02.10

We are now in the process of fixing this bug. but until then there are two ways around this problem:

  1. In Input data, cut and paste the column you want to use as the outcome to the right most end of the data set. Then fill in the empty column by moving all the full data columns to the right, one column leftwards. The click on Select Data.
  2. Or do this in another excel file before you copy and paste it into EvalC3

2017 09 15 NOW RESOLVED 2017 09 05: Sometimes the move from Input Data to Select Data does not work. This sort of error message may pop up when you click on Select Data:

Screenshot 2017-09-05 17.22.26 1b

I am trying to get this sorted out. Until then this workaround may work for you. Look at the top left corner of the data set. There is a label there for the ID column (“Aidan’s PLP…”). When I removed this text and re-tried clicking on Select Data all was well and the data set then appeared in that view

2017 09 15 NOW RESOLVED 2017 09 15: The cause is an apostrophe in the field name. Temporary solution: Remove the apostrophe and the problem disappears.

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