The next version…

(Updated 19th May 2017) These are some of the desired feature additions to the next version of EvalC3:

Simplified searches for good models

  1. In the Design and Evaluate view, make it possible to do one-click searches for attributes (or configurations of) that are
    • Necessary and Sufficient,0
    • Sufficient but not necessary
    • Necessary but not sufficient
    • Neither, but still predictive
  2. But still keep customisable searches, where the search settings can be made highly specific

Quick searches for specific types of cases

In the View Cases view, allow people to select a given case (row) and then click a button to search for another case that is:

(a) most similar, or (b) most different

and belongs to one or more of these categories:

(a) True Positive, (b) False Positive, (c) False Negative, (d) True Negative

One benefit of this facility is that as  search for most similar cases in the False Negative and True Negative groups will provide a form of case matching, both for specific cases and sets of cases, where the found cases function to some extent like control cases and control groups, for those cases seen in the True Positive and False Positive (aka “treatment”) group.

For more on case matching see “Matching methods for causal inference: A review and a look forward” Elizabeth A. Stuart

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